Goals-based accumulation strategies

Accumulation portfolios that seek to capture global market growth trends and build long-term success on short-term opportunities

The Horizon Investments goals-based wealth curve

We empower advisors to help clients reach their financial goals throughout three investment stages.


Seek to maximize asset growth while managing volatility

Grow wealth

Active Asset Allocation


  • Focused
  • Growth
  • Moderate
  • Conservative
  • Conservation Plus


Seek continued asset growth while managing drawdown risk

Protect wealth


Seek to generate income consistently while managing longevity risk

Spend wealth

Adapt to change and actively harness value

Multidisciplinary investment management approach

We believe a multidisciplinary approach can best help investors generate the wealth they need to reach their goals.

Focus on uncovering blindspots

Horizon’s accumulation strategies for the Gain stage of investing apply both quantitative and qualitative research across blended allocations of equities and fixed income. We believe this enables us to actively and systematically uncover the best opportunities within and across various financial market segments and sectors.

Horizon strategies for accumulation-stage investing


Targeting opportunities across domestic and international equity market segments


Adjusting portfolios to adapt to market changes


Screening opportunities through quantitative and qualitative perspectives

Our asset allocation process

Innovative. Dynamic. Disciplined. Driven by cutting-edge research and implementation.

Five active asset allocation portfolios

 Engineered to targeted objectives, each portfolio is constructed to pursue the maximum potential return for its given level of equity exposure


100% equity

Seeks to maximize long-term capital appreciation. This portfolio will primarily be exposed to global equity markets.


85% equity
15% fixed income

Seeks long-term capital appreciation through exposure to global equity markets. This portfolio will generally feature a small exposure to fixed income to slightly dampen the volatility relative to an all-equity portfolio.


65% equity
35% fixed income

Seeks modest long-term capital appreciation with a secondary objective of capital preservation. This portfolio will feature significant exposure to global equity and fixed income markets in order to balance the two objectives.


60% equity
40% fixed income

Seeks capital preservation and stable long-term growth. This portfolio will primarily combine broad exposures to both fixed income and global equities.

Conservative Plus

20% equity
80% fixed income

Seeks capital preservation and modest asset growth by combining core fixed income exposure and a small exposure to global equity markets

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