Protect Stage

Disciplined risk mitigation strategies designed with the goal of preserving wealth, reducing investor anxiety and combating poor investment decision-making.


Catastrophic Portfolio Loss


Why Do Investors Need Catastrophic Risk Mitigation?

The potential for — and fear of — a catastrophic market event remains consistent. Emotions like fear can cause investors to make impulsive investment decisions, especially during periods of intense market volatility. Risk Assist® is a systematic, automated and disciplined strategy designed to mitigate risk in a portfolio.


Risk Assist®

How Can Risk Assist® Help Manage Investments and Clients' Emotions?

The Risk Assist® algorithm uses a disciplined, automated process to dynamically “de-risk” a portfolio during times of severe market stress. In doing so, it seeks to curb the behavioral investing impulses that can derail financial plans.

Risk Assist® is also designed to address the question of when to “re-invest” the portfolio. As market conditions improve, the strategy is restored to its intended portfolio mix using the same disciplined and automated process, with the aim of keeping clients on track to achieve their financial goals.


How Does Risk Assist® Work?

The Risk Assist® algorithm monitors market conditions and then signals when the strategy should begin de-risking. When Risk Assist® activity occurs, advisors receive a real-time alert.

Designed to Protect

Horizon manages each portfolio to prevent what it believes is a material amount of drawdown relative to each model’s objective.

Ratcheting Function

As a Risk Assist portfolio grows, typically every 3-5% of appreciation, the algorithm will increase, or “ratchet up”, the internally managed loss limit in an attempt to protect those gains.

Global Flexibility

The strategy has the ability to target attractive opportunities in various segments of equity markets and the flexibility to make portfolio adjustments in order to adapt to market changes.

Intrigued? The Risk Assist® brochure has additional information

Risk Assist® is NOT a…

  • A timing strategy
  • A guarantee
  • “Always hedged”
  • Protection against acute or quickly occuring gap risk

Risk Assist Resources

Mitigating risk —
our approach to preserving wealth.

GAIN Stage

In this stage, we seek to grow assets
while being mindful of volatility.

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In this stage, we seek to preserve spending power while addressing longevity risk.

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