investment management

Help clients achieve their most important financial goals. Explore Horizon's strategic goals-based approach to investment management.

Strategically position investor capital

Manage market ups and downs and changing client priorities

Our investment management solutions empower you to help clients reach their financial goals. Our aim is to mitigate the changing risks clients face in different market environments and at each stage of the investment journey.

Financial markets shift, presenting new opportunities and new risks.

Horizon prioritizes agility and flexibility to respond to changing market conditions.

The Horizon Investments goals-based wealth curve

An intuitive way to think and talk about investments


Seek to gain wealth and avoid volatility


Seek to protect wealth and avoid catastrophic loss


Seek to spend wealth and avoid underfunding retirement

Asset management that connects product to planning

Horizon engineers outcome-driven portfolios and intuitive advisor software to strengthen planning

Our goals-based investment solutions include cutting-edge advisor software that connects product to planning. Because we believe portfolio planning tools should do more than rank investment choices based on volatility. They should help you find the best-fit product for your client’s plan.

Advisor Advantages

Pursue growth & manage risks

Harness the insights of an active, goals-based investment management firm

Horizon applies a multidisciplinary portfolio construction approach to anticipate a variety of market environments with the goal of optimizing investment decision-making.

We emphasize 3 critical areas of analysis:



Evaluating domestic and international macro developments



Identifying the conditions of current and near-future market environments and the factors likely to drive returns



Considering the valuations, catalysts, and fundamentals of global sectors, industries, and individual publicly traded companies

Align your clients' wealth to their goals

Our guiding principles

Goals-based investment management

We believe solutions should align with investor goals throughout the entire financial journey, from accumulation to preservation to distribution.

Active management

We believe active strategies can add value over time relative to passive strategies, though both have their place.

Global diversification

We believe a global investment universe allows investors to pursue a broader range of investment opportunities, reduces overall portfolio volatility, and enhances overall portfolio returns.


We believe equities are the most effective asset class for helping investors achieve goals throughout their lives.

Risk mitigation

We believe risk mitigation enables investors to preserve wealth. And, because investors are more sensitive to losses than gains, risk mitigation is essential to managing emotion-driven decision-making.

Longevity & shortfall risk

We believe that an equity-centric approach to generating income reduces shortfall risk and that an investor’s spending needs should guide the asset allocation strategy.

What can Horizon do for your RIA?

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