International Stocks: Back in the Driver’s Seat?

Investors eye foreign markets and like what they see. For more than a decade, international stocks have lost performance race...

When Risk Management Fails

Put “protection” has come up short lately—but there’s a better way. Put options are often a go-to risk management strategy...

Q4 2022 FOCUS Webcast

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Worldwide Exchange to discuss equities ahead of CPI report

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Reuters – calls the recent rally in equities “not compatible with what the Fed wants”


It’s a Bizarre World for Growth and Value Stocks

Up is down, and down is upTwo key components of the equity market—growth stocks and value stocks—are looking significantly different...

Scott Ladner’s thoughts on the market for 2023

Hear Scott talk about areas of the market to watch in 2023, and his expectations for after inflation has cooled....

Scott Ladner on ‘Mornings with Maria’: Will Headwinds be Tailwinds?

Scott provides insight on the state of the market.

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Squawk Box to weigh in on expectations for 2023

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