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Our Approach

What is Goals-Based Investing?

It begins with understanding the investor’s goals—the reason for investing. We believe the journey to reach these goals consists of three unique stages. It’s vital to understand that investors face very different risks in each of these investment stages because each stage has its own specific and unique objective. READ MORE
Financial Journey Chart by Horizon Investments

Our Strategies

Prepare for the Journey

At Horizon Investments, we believe that each client’s investment-related goals consists of three stages—accumulation (or the Gain stage), preservation (or the Protect stage) and distribution (or the Spend stage). Importantly, for every goal, each stage has its own overarching objective and risk.

GAIN Stage

Key Objective: Accumulation Primary Risk: Volatility


Key Objective: Preservation Primary Risk: Drawdown


Key Objective: Distribution Primary Risk: Longevity

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Safeguarding Wealth

As a financial advisor, you’re familiar with accumulation strategies to help your clients grow their wealth. We believe that two of the biggest challenges your clients face are safeguarding their wealth from catastrophic market volatility and ensuring the longevity of their wealth for retirement spending. Our goals-based strategies are designed for investors who want to protect and spend hard-earned wealth.

Risk Assist from Horizon Investments
For investors with lower risk tolerance seeking an alternative to traditional accumulation strategies.

Real Spend from Horizon Investments

For retired investors seeking longevity of spending–to mitigate shortfall risk.