Spend Stage​

Goals-based retirement income strategies that aim to take the guesswork out of hitting your client’s target distribution rate 




Longevity Risk Versus Shortfall Risk

Bucketing a client’s savings is a time-tested strategy designed with the goal of providing retirement income and legacy wealth. Yet, as people live longer and returns from fixed income securities shrink, solving spending needs becomes more complex.

Horizon believes a goals-based retirement solution that empowers advisors to help their clients should include:

  • An automated process for taking distributions and replenishing the spending reserve
  • Growth-oriented portfolios to overcome inflation
  • Risk mitigation designed to reduce the chances of a catastrophic loss
  • Financial planning technology to forecast a variety of “probability of success” scenarios

A Systematic Retirement Income Strategy

Real Spend® is designed to meet the needs of today’s retirees who seek current income, asset preservation, and portfolio growth during what may be a long retirement. It’s an income strategy that doesn’t depend on fixed income to address both longevity and shortfall risks.


Retirement portfolio construction, modernized

Real Spend divides the assets of a retiree’s nest egg into two buckets. 

Growth Component

A portfolio tilted towards equities that aims to generate returns to replenish the distribution component

Protection Component

Disciplined, automated, algorithmic portfolio risk mitigation feature seeking to limit catastrophic loss

Distribution Component

A multi-year reserve of liquid assets to provide systematic income distributions

Could combining Real Spend with an annuity increase your client's retirement income success? Read the white paper.

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GAIN Stage

In this stage, we seek to grow assets
while being mindful of volatility.


Within this stage, we seek to mitigate drawdown risk, while continuing to grow assets.

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