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Horizon One Consulting

The Horizon One consulting team collaborates with advisory practices to build customized investment solutions.

With our help, advisors can focus more on their practices and client relationships. 

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Comprehensive Support​

Horizon One is a new breed of outsourced CIO (OCIO) dedicated to enhancing—not replacing—your current process.

We’ll help you create a defined, documented, and deliberate process for building and managing portfolios.​

Customized investment framework​

Modernize and scale your business with a customized investment framework, supported by technology that connects your solutions to your clients’ financial plans.​

Deeper analytics and research​

Access our comprehensive investment analytics and institutional research capabilities—and extend the integrity of your current business model. ​

Consulting support, concierge access ​

Dedicated Horizon One analysts work with advisory practices to understand client needs and deliver tailored solutions. 

Interactive software​ tools

Easily access resources online through our easy-to-use advisor platform.​

A community of peer firms​

Join a community of financial advisory firms. Horizon One is where business owners can collaborate and share best practices.

Marketing and education​

Access educational opportunities and customized marketing support.

The Horizon One onboarding process​


Current Model

Initial Model

Model Refinement/

Ongoing Support

Get feedback on your current investment models.

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