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Would you like feedback on your current investment models?

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Modernize and scale your business

You don't have to go it alone

Running your own advisory practice and your own investment models can be challenging. Align with a team that’s focused on supporting your investment management needs as an advisor and empowering your success as an entrepreneur.

Stay in control with a new brand of OCIO

Free up more time and energy to grow your business with our personalized brand of outsourced investment management services. Get customized and objective investment research designed to enhance your investment process, while keeping you fully in control of decision making.


Goals-based investment consulting

Custom solution development

Horizon brings extensive experience across all aspects of investment management and practice support.

Customized Investment Process

Access robust investment analytics and institutional-caliber investment research, tailored to your business.

Client-centric, Outcome-driven

Gain a customized goals-based framework to help drive conversations about outcomes and keep clients focused on their goals.

Personalized Advisor Technology

Use intuitive advisor technology designed to plan, stay organized, and consistently trade and track every model.

Practice Management Support

Gain resources focused on helping you achieve success today and plan well for tomorrow.

Investment analysis, dedicated Support

Quarter over quarter, year over year

A dedicated analyst will work with you and get to know your practice inside and out. From helping with your investment committee to constructing custom portfolios for advisors to relationship management support, Horizon One positions you to thrive.

Horizon One onboarding process

Horizon One is focused on empowering your independence. Our goal is to provide customized and objective investment research to enhance your current process.

Current Model Analysis
Initial Model Proposal
Model Refinement Implementation
Ongoing Support

Access added value

Important documentation, all in one place

Easily and securely access all documentation and resources online via our intuitive advisor platform.

Exclusive information, education, and idea-sharing

Take advantage of exclusive educational opportunities and white-labeled marketing support we offer to our Horizon One advisors.

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Breakthrough, supportive, scalable investment management consulting

Don't let complexity stand in the way of growth

As an investment firm with decades-deep RIA roots, Horizon is uniquely positioned to consult with growing advisories. We know the challenges of portfolio management and what it takes to break through the $1B AUM glass ceiling. Let us help you navigate today’s complexity and achieve your business goals.

For the Rep as PM

In addition to supporting the Rep as Portfolio Manager who is looking to benefit from a modern goals-based approach, Horizon also delivers traditional asset allocation investment consulting services.

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