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Aligned with Advisors

Horizon Investments is focused on the investment management needs of financial advisors and their businesses.

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Managing for the Goals of Individuals

We are a goals-based investment manager. We build goals-based investment strategies, develop modern planning tools, and conduct investment research to empower financial advisors to help their clients achieve their individual, real-world financial goals.

We Know the Advisory Business

We began as an RIA, and our decades of helping financial advisors grow their practices informs how we help take them to the next level. We know the challenges of managing portfolios while growing a business.

Quick Facts

  • Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Charlotte, NC.
  • A pioneer in goals-based investment management offering innovative solutions that help individual investors achieve their financial goals.
  • Offering investment strategies implemented by a seasoned portfolio management team.
  • Deep relationships with financial advisors and broker-dealers across the U.S.
  • Robust, easy to use technology that complements a differentiated product suite.

Our Mission

Provide goals-based investment management strategies that will empower financial advisors to help their clients reach their financial goals.

Our Core Values

We encourage shared values and professional growth, internally and with our advisory clients. It’s part of our dedication to empowering advisors and forging meaningful relationships that help us succeed together.


We share with advisors our unwavering commitment to delivering goals-based solutions that help their clients achieve their financial objectives.


We encourage insightful, creative, impactful ideas designed to improve financial outcomes.


We foster the sharing of unique perspectives and experiences among employees and advisors—where one can be seen, heard, and accepted as part of the Horizon family.


We are ever thankful for the contributions of our co-workers and for the flourishing, fruitful relationships we have with advisors.


We aim for a joyful environment that recognizes the passion and excitement each individual contributes to our mission.
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