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Weekly Market Recap | June 20, 2023

What happened last week

  • Increasingly positive investor sentiment boosted the S&P 500 closer to all-time high levels
  • Fed delivers “hawkish pause,” signaling a hike in July; CPI print was as expected, still reflects concerning core inflation stabilization at around 5%
  • China stocks, year-to-date laggards, boosted from policymakers signaling additional support for an ailing economy

What we’re watching this week

  • Heavy week of Fed speeches, punctuated by Chair Powell’s testimony before Congress on Wednesday and Thursday
  • Potential reversionary stock price action as investors rebalance after a divergent quarter for risk assets
  • Ten central bank policy meetings, including the Bank of England, and data on Japanese inflation

Horizon’s Investment Management Views 

  • Ebullient investors lifted the S&P 500 (“S&P”) Index above 4400 for the first time since early April of last year. Last week marked the third consecutive weekly gain for the S&P, now less than 9% from its all-time highs. We strongly believe that resilience in the U.S. consumer could continue to support the economy and, by extension, financial assets. However, we think that the recent equity rally has gone a little too far, a little too fast. We would not be surprised to see some rotation from stocks into bonds and selling of the year’s winners in favor of the laggards, including domestic value, dividend stocks, and smaller-cap stocks, over the next few weeks.
  • Our near-term, mildly bearish view is based on two observations. For starters, institutional and retail investors are exhibiting overextended behavior in both cash markets and derivatives; this is best encapsulated by crowded positioning, particularly within the AI theme (a long-term bullish development). Secondly, prices are running far ahead of the macro data. At last week’s Fed meeting, the committee held interest rates unchanged but the messaging was very hawkish, all but guarenteeing a rate hike in July.  Meanwhile, the CPI release showed some progress on the headline release but plenty of reasons to worry about trend inflation that appears comfortable in the 5% range, much higher than the Fed’s target.
  • Outside the U.S., investors cheered as China cut interest rates and pledged to do more to support their lackluster recovery. Chinese stocks, year-to-date laggards, outperformed strongly last week; this momentum is likely to continue if we see the rebalancing into the end of the quarter referenced above. Meanwhile, the ECB delivered another hawkish rate hike, showing how divergent and abnormal this economic cycle is.

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