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Zach Hill on Yahoo! Finance

Zach Hill joins Yahoo! Finance to weigh in on recent market volatility, bond yields, and why investing in equities may...

CIO Scott Ladner Talks Fed Policy with CNBC

CIO Scott Ladner joins CNBC to discuss Treasuries, the Fed's next moves, and the impact of inflation on the markets.

CIO Scott Ladner joins Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Media

CIO Scott Ladner argues housing leads the economy and will cause a market 'softening' as he joins Maria Bartiromo on...

Fast Take: Market Update Hear Horizon's view of the markets as we head into the fall, along with our expectations around Fed policy,...

Scott Ladner joins Worldwide Exchange

Scott Ladner, CIO of Horizon Investments, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss his views on inflation and the Fed's big decision...

CIO Scott Ladner on Bloomberg Quicktake

CIO Scott Ladner joined Bloomberg to share his expectations for the market and why boring investments may be prudent.

Horizon Investments Mid-Quarter Update

Inflationary pressure and market sell-off

Last week ended with the S&P dipping briefly into bear market territory before closing higher on Friday. Inflationary pressures fueled...

CIO Scott Ladner joined Liz Claman to share his thoughts on sectors, geopolitical risk, and the Fed

CIO Scott Ladner joined Liz Claman to discuss this week’s market sell-off and share his thoughts on sectors, geopolitical risk,...

Equity rallies are likely on borrowed time as Fed messaging becomes more hawkish once again

"...unless supply chains heal rapidly or workers flood back into the labor force, any equity rallies are likely on borrowed...

Stocks fell hard following the FOMC meeting announcement

Stocks fell hard Thursday, May 5, 2022 following the FOMC meeting announcement in which the Federal Reserve raised rates by...
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