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Q4 2022 FOCUS Webcast

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Worldwide Exchange to discuss equities ahead of CPI report

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Reuters – calls the recent rally in equities “not compatible with what the Fed wants”


Scott Ladner’s thoughts on the market for 2023

Hear Scott talk about areas of the market to watch in 2023, and his expectations for after inflation has cooled....

Scott Ladner on ‘Mornings with Maria’: Will Headwinds be Tailwinds?

Scott provides insight on the state of the market.

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Squawk Box to weigh in on expectations for 2023


Scott Ladner on CNBC Worldwide Exchange

Ladner: We think there will be a lot of tailwinds for the markets in the back half of next year....

Fast Take: December 22, 2022 | Market Insights with Zach Hill, CFA® Zach Hill, CFA®, Head of Portfolio Management, cover Horizon’s thoughts on what’s ahead in 2023 for Fed policy, the...

Consumers will have ‘more resilience’ in 2023

Zach Hill, CFA® discusses concerns around markets and the economy in 2023 on Mornings with Maria. WATCH NOW

Fast Take: Nov. 22 2022 | Market Update With Zach Hill, CFA® Hear Horizon's thoughts on quarterly earnings, Fed policy, and market outlook. Disclosure: The commentary in this report is not...

Fed’s inflation tools are taking time to work

CIO Scott Ladner joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Fed policy and inflation, economic data, and overall volatility. Watch the...
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