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Highest Market Volatility Since 1987 as Fed Cuts Rates to Zero

Highest volatility since 1987 Black Monday Crash

After Wild Ride Last Week, Equities Sink on Oil Shock

Last week, global equities ended roughly flat at 0.5% (MXWD) — the smallest week-over-week return since the start of 2020....

Change in 10-Year yield by trading session

The number of the week? 68 bps is the cumulative change in the 10yr U.S. Treasury yield over the past...

Equities Plummet Amid Whippy Trading as Fed Rate Cut Near Certain

What a week! Equities had a truly awful time, with global stocks ending down -10.4% (MXWD) in incredibly whippy trading....

The Big Number: 100% Odds of Fed Rate Cut

100% — that’s the probability of an interest rate cut at the next scheduled Federal Reserve Open Market Committee Meeting...

Risk Averse Trading Dominates on Coronavirus and Election Fears

Long bond yield hits all-time lowDuring the short trading week last week, U.S. bond yields plummeted in risk-averse trading with...

Equities rally amid high consumer optimism, Coronavirus concerns

Record-high Consumer OptimismThe strength of the U.S. consumer might be the biggest story not being told right now, or at...
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