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Horizon Investments' advisor technology unites robust financial planning software with our innovative goals-based product offering. 

Welcome to the future of financial advice.

Connect product to planning

Want to take the guesswork out of investment selection and tracking?

Directly tie client goals to investment solutions


Support the goal

Identify your client’s financial goal and investment stage: Accumulation, Preservation, or Distribution.


Personalize the plan

Easily model account data with key client information. Run simulations. Analyze risks. Assess probabilities of success.


Customize the output

Make smart product recommendations and create custom proposals to position a client’s wealth for success.

We believe the future of investment advice is goals-based and tech-enabled.

Focus on planning,
drive outcomes

What if technology could help you simplify product selection and improve decision-making at each stage of the investment planning process?

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Advisor software benefits

Horizon Dashboard, our goals-based advisor software, strengthens your planning workflow to help enhance the value you deliver to your clients.

Designed to:
Increase close rates and streamline client onboarding
Harness insights to make confident investment recommendations
Educate investors and show them the path to achieving their goals

Horizon Advisor Tools

Goals-based advisor software that's powerful and easy-to-use

Accumulation Planner

Strive to maximize capital growth

Easily adjust investor and goal data and watch Gain portfolios react in real time.

Preservation Planner

Aim to mitigate market losses

Compare the historical performance of your Protect strategy with alternate approaches to see its potential advantages.

Distribution Planner

Put retirement income in sight

Chart the right course to the target distribution rate of your Spend strategy. Measure a client’s likelihood of meeting income goals while making their wealth last.

Portfolio Explorer

Optimize portfolios

Track your strategy’s performance, including the composition of underlying holdings. Calculate and visualize its value over time.

Risk Assist Monitor

Set expectations, See progress

Track de-risking, ratcheting, and reinvesting events for every Risk Assist® model, including the amount of losses or gains expected to trigger the next event.

Investment proposal engine

Generate custom proposals

Generate goals-based proposals that present your investment recommendations with investor-friendly language and graphics

For the Broker Dealer

Horizon offers custom goals-based investment management technology that integrates with your wealth platform.

Want to drive the adoption of planning-focused representatives? Explore the possibilities and learn more about our partner revenue model. 

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