Horizon Investments Named 2018 “Asset Manager of the Year” (< $25 Billion AUM) by the Money Management Institute and Barron’s

HORIZON INVESTMENTS has been named Asset Manager of the Year ($25 billion in AUM or less) by the Money Management Institute (MMI) and Barron’s, it was announced today by the firm. The MMI/Barron’s Industry Awards, now in their tenth year, recognize those firms that best exemplify innovation and achievement in delivering better outcomes for investors and financial advisors. The winners were announced on October 17th at MMI’s 2018 Annual Conference in Dallas.

HORIZON is a pioneer in providing GOALS-BASED investment solutions and support technology for financial advisors and their clients, creating outcome-driven investment portfolios aligned with the three major stages along the wealth curve: accumulation, preservation, and distribution. Its GAIN PROTECT SPEND® strategies are built around a series of actively managed global portfolios, designed to provide a path for advisors to help clients reach retirement, lifestyle, and philanthropic goals.

“We believe the goals-based approach is a fundamentally better way of addressing the planning process, for both financial advisors and their clients,” said Robbie Cannon, chief executive officer at Horizon. “We’re delighted to be recognized by MMI and Barron’s for our work in this area, which we believe really does ‘move the needle’ when it comes to improved real-world outcomes.”

GOALS-BASED INVESTING is a fundamentally different way of looking at saving, investing, and spending over time. While much of investment planning has been built around style boxes and a static view of risk, a goals-based approach seeks to dynamically align investment solutions with real-world investor goals. It recognizes that the nature of risk will vary along each stage of the process – from volatility and drawdown in the accumulation and protection stages to longevity in retirement and spending – and seeks to mitigate this through a portfolio construction process that can evolve to address these changes over time.

The MMI/Barron’s award is the latest recognition for Horizon. In May of this year, the firm was named “2018 Asset Manager of the Year” and “2018 Strategist of the Year” by Envestnet and Investment Advisor Magazine.

About Horizon

Horizon is a pioneer in providing modern goals-based investment management. With a focus in goals-based investment strategies, Horizon is dedicated to helping financial advisors and their clients improve the investment experience relative to the real world, prioritized financial goals. Horizon’s investment process balances quantitative expertise with a qualitative perspective, including economic, fundamental and geopolitical analysis. Financial advisors turn to Horizon for innovative risk mitigation and retirement income strategies. Rooted in a global active investment approach, Horizon’s GAIN PROTECT SPEND® framework, combined with its investment management methodology, has been a cornerstone of Horizon’s portfolio construction process for over a decade.

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