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CIO Scott Ladner Talks Fed Policy with CNBC

CIO Scott Ladner joins CNBC to discuss Treasuries, the Fed's next moves, and the impact of inflation on the markets.

What Rises Typically Converges

It’s a game of “catch me if you can” between investors and the Fed these days. For the most part,...

CIO Scott Ladner joins Maria Bartiromo on Fox News Media

CIO Scott Ladner argues housing leads the economy and will cause a market 'softening' as he joins Maria Bartiromo on...

For Inflation and Interest Rates, We Expect “Higher For Longer”

Tomorrow, the Federal Reserve Board is set to announce its latest decision regarding interest rates. Will it be yet another...

Zach Hill, CFA® gives insights after CPI Reading on Reuters TV

"The recent CPI report threw cold water on hopes that the Fed could ease up on policy tightening aimed at...

Europe Hits the Brakes

All eyes were once again on interest rates last week, as the European Central Bank (ECB)—the eurozone’s equivalent of the...

Markets need to see at least three months of improvement in CPI prints

Head of Portfolio Management Zachary Hill, joined CNBC Worldwide Exchange to discuss the markets ahead of the August CPI print.

Fast Take: Market Update Hear Horizon's view of the markets as we head into the fall, along with our expectations around Fed policy,...

Stocks Close Lower to Start Trading Week

Chief Investment Officer Scott Ladner, joined Cheddar News' Closing Bell to discuss U.S. stocks after investors returned to trading action...

Here’s what investors expect the August jobs report to say

Chief Investment Officer Scott Ladner joined 'Morning with Maria' to weigh in on the August jobs reports and unemployment rate.

Stock Market Moving From Inflation to Recession Fears

"Nominal GDP slowdown has been baked in the cake. The stock market today has started to move on from inflation...
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