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Tech Sector Thumbs Its Nose at Higher Rates

Is the fast-moving market moving too fast? Technology stocks generally hate higher interest rates. Tech companies often need ongoing access...

Weekly Market Recap | May 30, 2023

What happened last week, what we're watching this week, and investments management views.

Horizon Investments | Mid-Quarter Update

CIO Scott Ladner, and Managing Director Austin Fitch, CFA® discuss the debt ceiling debate, disinflation, equity allocations, and the current...

Weekly Market Recap | May 22, 2023

What happened last week, what we're watching this week, and investments management views.

A One-Stock Army?

Apple is once again worth more than the entire Russell 2000 In Marvel movies, it’s common for one superhero to...

Regional Banks: Smaller than you think

Fear-inducing headlines are likely painting too grim of a picture. Silicon Valley Bank. Signature. First Republic. PacWest. Comerica. The list...

Market Update: Earnings, Fed, and Outlook | May 8, 2023 Hear Zach Hill, CFA®, cover earnings season, Fed policy, and what Horizon is watching in the markets.

Will Lower Volatility Mean Higher Stock Prices?

Investors seem to be a relatively calm, cool, and collected bunch these days—which may be a harbinger of stock market...

Horizon Investments Quarterly Focus: Q1 | Where do we go from here?

Overview The idea that the financial markets “climb a wall of worry” by showing resilience in the face of significant...

The Wheat and the Chaff

Identifying investment opportunities may take a sharper focus going forwardFears about banks’ financial health have dominated many investors’ thoughts for...

Too Much of Nothing

What tools can investors use to fight longevity risk in retirement? Many retirees today probably remember the 1976 disco hit "Right...
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