The modern goals-based investment management firm

Horizon Investments is an award-winning investment management firm and think tank with a groundbreaking approach to goals-based investing.

What makes our goals-based approach revolutionary?


Institutional caliber,
individual care

Horizon is an award-winning provider of goals-based portfolio management and technology solutions. Focused on building long-term relationships, our team delivers robust investment management services and support to forward-thinking financial advisory practices across the U.S.

What we believe

Our purpose

Help investors achieve their goals for themselves, their families, and the world at large.

Our mission

Empower advisors with leading goals-based investment management strategies, technology tools, and consulting services.

Our vision

Build a tech-enabled financial ecosystem with individual investors at the center, supported in their goals by confident advisors and fiduciaries.


Improving the investment experience


At Horizon, our firm centers on portfolio construction that prioritizes investors’ real world goals, helping you — the advisor — bring expectational certainty to your clients’ financial lives.


Rooted in a global active investment approach, our Gain Protect Spend® framework and goals-based asset management solutions are designed to solve the challenges your clients face as they grow, preserve, and spend wealth.

25+ Years

A history and future of innovation


Founded as an RIA (registered investment advisor), just like our clients


Grew a team of seasoned investment managers and consultants, headquartered in Charlotte, NC


Built a family of funds and subadvises a group of ETFs


Innovated an expansive product suite with sophisticated technology


Continue to apply quantitative and qualitative analyses from an academic perspective

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