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Do you want to grow your financial advisory practice and deliver an exceptional investor experience?

Our commitment to you

At Horizon Investments, we have a credo: Empower the Advisor. And it guides everything we do. 

We believe investors benefit from the guidance of a professional advisor to achieve their financial goals. And you deserve the support of an investment management firm who can help strengthen your financial planning, drive better outcomes for clients, and grow your practice.

Tools for success

Equipping you with the full range of resources needed to optimize outcomes for your clients

Mutual respect

Forging meaningful relationships based on a shared philosophy and standard of excellence

Focus on growth

Helping you create, manage, and grow a successful wealth management practice

Cutting-edge, consultative experience

On top of client responsibilities, you have to navigate a lot of industry complexity and disruption as an advisor. From an ever-expanding investment universe to the evolving regulatory environment to massive digital transformation.

That’s why Horizon provides goals-based strategies, practice management support, and financial planning software to help you successfully meet today’s challenges and better align clients’ wealth with their goals.

The Horizon goals-based difference

Connecting product to planning

Horizon wants to bridge the gap between the language of financial planning and that of investment management.

Planning has always been goal-driven. But investment management has typically talked about exposures, volatility, and relative benchmark performance — terms unhelpful to individuals with questions about their financial health.

Connecting advisors to investors

Investors don’t always care about mean variance statistics — they might care more about having enough money to fund their goals, like retirement, sending kids to college, and building a legacy.

We care about making it easier for you to talk to clients about how your recommendations can help them realize those goals.

Connecting you to results

Our goals-based investment management solutions  promote conversations that make a difference and help forge relationships that matter. 

Horizon-empowered advisors are already using this pioneering goals-based approach to set themselves apart and pursue better results for their clients and themselves.

What you can experience with us

A clear value proposition that can resonate with your clients

A consistent focus on goals-based financial outcomes for investors

A path to greater productivity and effectiveness across your practice

Ready to be empowered?

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