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Corporate America’s Profit Machine Is as Strong as Ever

You’ve likely heard that second quarter profits are surging, driven by easy year-over-year comparisons and the reopening of the economy...

Are Glide Path Strategies Still a Good Option for Retirement?

Target date funds operate under the assumption that someone’s asset allocation should follow a glide path, automatically shifting a portfolio...

Junk-Bond Yields Don’t Provide Much of a Cushion Against Inflation

Yet another setback for retirees who view traditional fixed-income investments as a secure way to fund a long retirement...

Abnormally Low Interest Rates Remain, Even If Fed Hikes in 2023

The Federal Reserve’s meeting last week sparked a selloff in stocks and bonds as the central bank’s projections showed it may bump up interest rates..

Inflation Fixation, Bubble Trouble

They’re very different Presidents, but what Joe Biden and Donald Trump have in common is their drive to make America’s economic growth rate...

High & Mighty Stocks; Feeling Inflationary?; Game Stopped

A record high for stocks...again. Earnings get much of the credit for the latest move. More than half of the S&P 500’s companies have reported earnings...

If Inflation Returns, Bond’s Diversification Power May Disappear

When stocks fall, bonds rally. That’s standard market action today. And it makes bonds look like a reliable way to counteract the stock market’s inevitable...

Markets Ignore Increasing Odds of Policy Shift in Washington

According to PredictIt, the odds of a Democratic sweep come November have significantly increased since late March. Last year, the prospect of a progressive candidate like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders as the Democratic nominee roiled markets. But now? Equity markets are brushing off the increased odds of a complete change in policy coming from Washington. Or, is it that there are just more pressing issues to worry about? After all, November 3rd is still more than four months away. And if events this year have taught us anything, it’s that a lot can happen between now and then.

Retail Sales: Two Ways to Look at the Same Data

The U.S. retail sales report for the month of May came out Tuesday. The topline figure increased a staggering 17.7% month-over-month, after having contracted 8.2% in March and 14.7% in April. Since expectations were for an advance of only 8.4% in May, it’s not hyperbole to say that this report blew consensus out of the water, showing that the restart is happening faster than most anticipated. In other words, that’s another tick in the plus column for the V-shaped narrative.

Consumer comfort climbs higher

The Bloomberg weekly Consumer Comfort Index is a national survey that asks Americans about the overall economy, their own personal financial situation, and how they view the backdrop for making large purchases. Because it’s weekly, the index provides a timely view of how consumers are feeling. And this week it’s inflecting higher, now at 38.7% from its low of 34.7% reached in mid-May.

A Turning Point for Value Stocks?

As we’ve highlighted in recent weeks, growth has significantly outperformed value this year, as investors have tended to favor companies with strong balance sheets, stable cash flows, and good long-term prospects for growth. But could the trend finally be turning? The Dow Jones Market Neutral Momentum Index — a pure expression of the momentum factor in the domestic equity market — suggests it is.

Low Global Short-Term Interest Rates Good for Growth, Bad for Income?

Markets & The Economy: Telling Two Different Stories?

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