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Zachary Hill, CFA®

Zach Hill, CFA® joined ‘Squawk Box’ to discuss what’s happening in the microeconomic economy

“The U.S. economy looks pretty strong, and we think that will feed into corporate profits.” – Zach Hill, Head of...

Emerging Risks in U.S. Stocks

U.S. stocks have clearly perked up so far this year. But now, two key market metrics show a heightened level...

Fast Take: February 10, 2023 | Market Insights with Zach Hill, CFA® Hear Zach Hill, CFA®, Head of Portfolio Management, cover Horizon’s thoughts on the state of the economy, Fed policy,...

This Bond Market Signal May Be Good News for Stocks

Expected interest rate volatility has fallen 28 points so far this yearThe financial markets are predicting less volatility in interest...

Q4 2022 – Strategies in Review​

Gain Strategies The final quarter of what has been a difficult year for asset owners finished on a positive note...

International Stocks: Back in the Driver’s Seat?

Investors eye foreign markets and like what they see. For more than a decade, international stocks have lost performance race...

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Worldwide Exchange to discuss equities ahead of CPI report

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Reuters – calls the recent rally in equities “not compatible with what the Fed wants”


Zach Hill, CFA® joined Squawk Box to weigh in on expectations for 2023


Zach Hill, CFA® weighs in on Big Tech in The Wall Street Journal

“For tech and communication services, there was this belief that those revenue streams were impervious to the ups and downs...

Fast Take: December 22, 2022 | Market Insights with Zach Hill, CFA® Zach Hill, CFA®, Head of Portfolio Management, cover Horizon’s thoughts on what’s ahead in 2023 for Fed policy, the...
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