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Q4 2022 FOCUS Webcast

Consumers will have ‘more resilience’ in 2023

Zach Hill, CFA® discusses concerns around markets and the economy in 2023 on Mornings with Maria. WATCH NOW

Final Fed meeting has potential to be a ‘market mover’

Scott Ladner recently appeared on ‘Mornings with Maria’ with Fox Business to review inflation, the job market, interest rates, and...

Muted Market Reaction from Bad Jobs Report

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Nicole Petallides on TD Ameritrade Network to discuss the takeaways from the jobs report that came...

Zach Hill, CFA® joined Squawk Box to talk about the markets

Horizon’s Head of Portfolio Management, Zach Hill, CFA®, joined Squawk Box Friday to discuss the inflation trade, expectations for this...

Inflation To Turkeys: Get Stuffed!

Investors won’t have to dip into their savings to pay for their Thanksgiving feasts this year, but they may choke on...

When It’s Time to Change

Investors are shifting gears in the wake of good inflation news. Will it last? The tide is turning—maybe. Following last...

Is the market getting ahead of itself after signs of cooling inflation?

"The market is - as it has been a few times this year - very eager to trade a 'Fed...

We are seeing moves in market leaders

The losers of the past are riding high—while yesterday’s winners appear to be out of gas.To sail to your destination,...

Fed’s inflation tools are taking time to work

CIO Scott Ladner joined Yahoo Finance Live to discuss Fed policy and inflation, economic data, and overall volatility. Watch the...

3Q Earnings: Looking Under the Hood for Opportunities

We’re more than halfway through the third-quarter earnings season, and thus far, the S&P 500 overall is reporting its worst year-over-year...
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