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The Preservation Puzzle: When to Change

We know that in Preservation, clients either ask or at least ponder: What product gives me all the upside and...

Noise & Financial Planning

Kahneman's Behavioral Approach Noise: an unwanted variability in decision-making.  Ask yourself, when am I at my best? Are you a...

Annuities in a Goals-Based Framework

Investment professionals rarely agree on the risks and direction of markets, yet many would agree that planning for retirement is...

Active financial advice is the new reality

We see active financial advice as the new reality. Not robo. Not passive. But active!  Today, we can see an...

The Critical 5% – Financial Planning for Normal & Abnormal Markets

How Is Goals Based Investing Like a Day at the Beach?

Cambridge Advisor Experience Conference

Our recent Advisor Experience Conference at our headquarters in Charlotte, NC. This two-day conference provided an excellent opportunity to bring...

How Greg Valliere Sees ‘the Nastiest Election of Our Lifetime

Article reprinted from by Robbie Cannon When thinking about clients’ retirement portfolios and client behavior, the best approach is...
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