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January Could Make History With Small-Caps Leaving Large-Caps in the Dust

January is starting out where 2020 left off: small-caps are leaving large-caps in the dust. So far, the Russell 2000 Index is outpacing the S&P 500...

Top 2021 Themes: Horizon Investments’ New Year Special Report

Turning the calendar never felt so good. And with it comes the usual wave of predictions, no matter how badly those predictions turned out for...

Out Over Their Skis, Investors Get Hit by Mutating Virus

Stock market bears get a shot in the arm. A new virus strain is the bad-news catalyst sinking stocks worldwide. Yet, it comes as investor sentiment..

PIIGS Fly and Other Stories of Investors Reaching for Risky Bets

Small-cap stocks and other beaten down segments are putting up good performance stats versus the benchmark indexes. The Russell 2000 is higher...

Stock Market’s Solid November Kicks Off Best Time of Year

It’s a great time to be a stock market bull! A whole year’s worth of returns are being compressed into the month of November. Investors are in a bullish..

Markets Fell Again Last Week, Led Lower By Non-US Equities

International developed equities led the way lower

The Race Is On — 2020 U.S. Election Calendar of Events

We’ve talked about it for months, and it’s finally here! The first Presidential debate is this Tuesday, September 29th — and we’re now just 39 days from Election Day 2020.

Stock Market Sees Longest Losing Streak In Almost a Year

Euphoria in domestic equity markets unwinds

Markets “sell the winners” again last week

Market turbulence continued last week in another “sell the winners” week of trading, shortened by the Labor Day holiday. The action was most pronounced in the U.S. equity market, the underperformer again last week (SPX -2.5%), led lower by weakness in tech (CCMP -4.1%) [Figure 1]. Back-to-back weekly declines haven’t occurred in the S&P 500 since early May, although the index is back to where it was one month ago — a reminder of how strong recent performance of U.S. equities has been. International equities had a better week than their domestic peers, with notable strength in international developed market equities (MXEA +1.5%) and strong relative emerging market performance (MXEF -0.7%) [Figure 1].

Does Covid Second Wave Seem Too Remote?

There are now more Covid-19 cases in Europe than there are in the U.S., according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Strikingly, France is truly in a second wave scenario, having just reported its highest number of cases since its lockdown expired — and more than it saw during the first wave’s peak.

Stock Market Sell-off Biggest Since June

Last week was another reminder that stocks don’t go straight up all the time. 

Should Apple’s Stock Split Matter This Much?

At the close of business last Friday, August 28, 2020, Apple (AAPL), the first company to ever reach a market cap of $2 trillion, split its stock 4-for-1 effective for the following Monday’s trading session. This is its fifth split since going public in 1980. Apple’s stock price went from just shy of $500 per share at the close on Friday (8/28) to open at $127.58 on Monday (8/31). The total value of Apple didn’t fall, however, because while the price of a share was cut by 75%, there are now 4 times as many shares outstanding.

Global Markets See 5-Week Winning Streak

Upside momentum continues to build in equity markets as we approach the last week of a very non-standard summer. That makes five weeks of gains for global equities, their longest streak since last Fall.

How Will the Fed’s New Inflation Target Impact Interest Rates?

Chairman of the Federal Reserve Jerome Powell announced the results of the year and a half long monetary policy framework review, and while it was somewhat telegraphed, it’s important for the path of interest rates.

Market Closes at Record High, But Rally a Narrow One

The S&P 500 had another positive week last week — its fourth in a row and its longest streak since last December. The domestic equity market added 0.8% (SPX) to close Friday at an all-time high just below 3,400 points, and on Monday of this week opened above the psychologically significant 3400 mark. However, the U.S. market was an outlier last week, as overseas markets fell 0.6% (MXWDU), led by weakness in international developed markets, down 1.0% (MXEA). Emerging market equities closed the week 0.1% lower (MXEF) [Figure 1].

Market Says “It’s August” In Slow Week Dominated By U.S. Politics

It was another slow week for markets as out-of-office replies pile up and volume plunges.  Equities put in another positive week with international developed markets outperforming strongly (MXEA +2.4%) while emerging markets lagged (MXEF +0.4%). Domestic equities landed in between the two. The S&P 500 notched a 0.6% (SPX) gain on the week to close less than 1% from its all-time high.
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