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Does This Market Have Staying Power?

Does This Market Have Staying Power? Stocks escaped the bear’s grip. What comes next? Investors cheered last week as the...

Market Update: Earnings, Fed, and Outlook | May 8, 2023

Hear Zach Hill, CFA®, cover earnings season, Fed policy, and what Horizon is watching in the markets.


Market Update + Outlook with CIO Scott Ladner and Austin Fitch CFA®

Scott Ladner and Austin Fitch discuss the Fed announcement and the current market and what they are watching.  


Noise & Financial Planning

Kahneman’s Behavioral Approach Noise: an unwanted variability in decision-making.  Ask yourself, when am I at my best? Are you a...

Annuities in a Goals-Based Framework

Investment professionals rarely agree on the risks and direction of markets, yet many would agree that planning for retirement is...

The True Value of Financial Advice

The Critical 5% – Financial Planning for Normal & Abnormal Markets

Do Bonds Really Offset the Stock Market’s Declines?

A common investor assumption is that bonds tend to go up in value when the stock market is sliding. That’s...

How Is Goals Based Investing Like a Day at the Beach?

Q4 2019: Quarterly Review & 2020 Market Outlook

2020 is here and the late-cycle rhetoric of the herd has only grown louder. What’s an investor to do? Should...

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