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Fed’s Powell Battles Wall Street’s Bond Bears

Federal Reserve chairman Jay Powell’s speaking engagement on March 4 is, in Horizon’s view, critical for the central bank’s messaging and...

Inflation Could Be Coming, Are You Ready?

Inflation isn’t a problem now, but financial markets are saying it could be soon. Traders are pricing in the possibility that Consumer Price Inflation...

Disappearing Junk Bond Yields

Here’s another knock against putting all of your retirement-income eggs in the bond market basket. This week is ushering in record low yields of...

Do Bonds Really Offset the Stock Market’s Declines?

A common investor assumption is that bonds tend to go up in value when the stock market is sliding. That’s been true during the bond market’s long rally...

High & Mighty Stocks; Feeling Inflationary?; Game Stopped

A record high for stocks...again. Earnings get much of the credit for the latest move. More than half of the S&P 500’s companies have reported earnings...

If Inflation Returns, Bond’s Diversification Power May Disappear

When stocks fall, bonds rally. That’s standard market action today. And it makes bonds look like a reliable way to counteract the stock market’s inevitable...

Essentially Nothing. That’s How Much Bonds May Return Over Next Five Years

The golden age for buying and holding bonds may be coming to an end. And that could come as a shock to investors who are entering retirement...

Strong Week, but Rough Quarter for Financial Markets

A Soft Week for Stocks Despite More Signs of Economic Oomph

Growth Stocks Shine Even as Broader Market Remains Flat

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