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Emerging Markets Are Surging – And Evolving

Investors who are globally diversified may be seeing that pay off at the start of 2021. Emerging market (EM) stocks are ripping, up 8.2% year to date for...

Disappearing Junk Bond Yields

Here’s another knock against putting all of your retirement-income eggs in the bond market basket. This week is ushering in record low yields of...

High & Mighty Stocks; Feeling Inflationary?; Game Stopped

A record high for stocks...again. Earnings get much of the credit for the latest move. More than half of the S&P 500’s companies have reported earnings...

The Stock Market Is Strange, But Not Broken

Our research shows the GameStop controversy is localized in stocks. This has been a strange week. Never before has social media been used to...

Head-Spinning Stock Market to Start the Week

Just when you thought mega-cap tech stocks were forcefully back in charge and the small-cap stocks’ rally was cooling, the stock market exacts its...

Buy the Rumor, Sell the Fact Trips Up Markets

What’s not to like about this list? Trillions more in stimulus, vaccines allowing a back-to-normal economy and a lowering of the political temperature...

In Current Markets, Only Two Words Matter: Stimulus Spending

Stimulus spending is the theme that continues to defeat every other piece of news. Neither surging virus cases nor political tumult can diminish the...

Top 2021 Themes: Horizon Investments’ New Year Special Report

Turning the calendar never felt so good. And with it comes the usual wave of predictions, no matter how badly those predictions turned out for...

Out Over Their Skis, Investors Get Hit by Mutating Virus

Stock market bears get a shot in the arm. A new virus strain is the bad-news catalyst sinking stocks worldwide. Yet, it comes as investor sentiment..

PIIGS Fly and Other Stories of Investors Reaching for Risky Bets

Small-cap stocks and other beaten down segments are putting up good performance stats versus the benchmark indexes. The Russell 2000 is higher...

Record High S&P 500 Ignites Unhealthy Retail Investor Interest

Positioning in U.S. stocks is flashing a short-term warning sign as the market hits record highs and shrugs off rising Covid cases, lockdowns and...

Stock Market’s Solid November Kicks Off Best Time of Year

It’s a great time to be a stock market bull! A whole year’s worth of returns are being compressed into the month of November. Investors are in a bullish..

Taking the Political Temperature of the Biden Administration

A trifecta of good news to kick off the week - from Moderna’s vaccine to the potential of avoiding national lockdowns to the election - means the pieces..

Stock Market Blasts Off to Record Highs, Shaking Off the Pandemic’s Shackles

A trifecta of good news to kick off the week - from Moderna’s vaccine to the potential of avoiding national lockdowns to the election - means the pieces..

Pfizer Vaccine Puts a Return to Normal Within Reach in 2021

One headline changes the narrative about the pandemic; or does it? Pfizer’s vaccine study results Monday morning are shockingly...

Special Report: U.S. Voters Stick With Divided Government

The S&P 500 broke its 3-week positive streak, closing 0.5% lower. The market finally realized that a fresh stimulus package most likely won't
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