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global markets

Global Markets Rally On Stimulus Hopes, Prospect of Democratic Sweep

International developed equities led the way lower

Cautious Investors Look to Defensive Sectors

Bright spots in the U.S. economy last week included better-than-expected initial jobless claims, a strong showing from the Philadelphia Fed...

Latest Market Volatility Affects Stocks

Prices on U.S. goods and services have generally been rising at roughly the pace investors expected, according to the latest...

Unemployment Rate Hits 48-Year-Low to Start Fourth Quarter

Domestic economic data was mixed last week. The biggest headline was that the U.S. added 134,000 new jobs in September—significantly...

Fed Raises Rates as Third Quarter Comes to a Close

The Fed, as expected, raised a key short-term interest rate last week as the U.S. economy exhibited a mix of...

Investors Shrug Off Trade Concerns and Push Stocks Higher

Weekly initial jobless claims came in much lower than expected last week, while the Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index significantly exceeded...

Investors Cheer Strong Consumers, Moderate Inflation

Optimistic consumers and lower-than-expected inflation characterized much of the economic news in the U.S. last week. The University of Michigan...

Strong Economy and Jobs Market As September Begins

It was another week of solid economic data in the U.S., including:

Confident Consumers Help Power More Market Gains

U.S. economic data for the week was mostly robust. The Conference Board’s Consumer Confidence indicator exceeded expectations, coming in at...

Energy and Retail Help Push Stocks Higher

The U.S. economy saw better-than-expected jobless claims and greater draws on crude oil inventories last week. That said, most economic...

Consumer Spending Strong in Summer

It was a tale of two economies last week. On one hand, consumers are showing strength—as evidenced by retail and...
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