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The Whole Range of Investment Support

Advisors center their practice on people and their financial objectives. 

So do we—by strategically managing portfolios to match peoples’ changing goals and risks through life. That’s the Horizon difference.

We offer a host of consulting services, at a far lower asset
commitment than you’ll find elsewhere.

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Supporting Your Independence

Solutions developed specifically for RIAs to grow their relationships and profitability.

Goals-Based Strategies

Our GAIN, PROTECT, and SPEND portfolios for meeting your clients’ life goals.

Horizon Custom Portfolios

Our goals-based strategies in a flexible separately-managed account (SMA) format.

Horizon One Consulting

Our dedicated outsourced CIO (OCIO) service, for premier advisor clients.

Advisor Education

Add to your skills and knowledge base while earning continuing education credits.

Intro to Goals-Based
The theory and practice of
goals-based investing.

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Revenues or Profits?​
Exploring two approaches to growing your practice.

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Speaking with Clients
Improve your skills in talking clients through all market environments.

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Client Development

Inform and educate using our materials with your firm’s brand.

Weekly Market Recap 6/05/23

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Risk Assist Strategy

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Gain strategy Callan chart

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Real Spend Strategy

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Horizon Dashboard: Your On-Demand Resource

Horizon Dashboard puts guidance tools, custom reporting, and content for clients in one place.

Weekly Market Recap | 07/22/24

What happened last week Equity Market Reversion: Small-caps outperformed mega-cap technology by a little less than 6% as year-to-date laggards continued their string of outperformance.

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