Horizon is a leading provider of modern goals-based investment management. We work in partnership with financial advisors to deliver investment strategies that align clients’ wealth with their life goals.
  • help clients position their wealth to reach their key life goals
  • deliver a world-class client experience
  • build, grow and manage elite financial advisory practices

The bottom line results of using Horizon Investments:

  • A consistent focus on goals-based financial outcomes for clients
  • A clear and compelling value proposition that differentiates you from the competition in the eyes of prospective clients and key influencers
  • Greater productivity and effectiveness in your practice


Asset Management

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Horizon’s investment approach is rooted in our conviction that goals-based investing is a great way to align your client’s wealth with their goals.

Goals-based investing enables you to help your clients identify their most important and meaningful financial goals in life, so you can position their investment capital to aim for those specific key objectives—on time and in-line with their risk tolerance.

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Across the investment journey, these three stages demand different investment, risk mitigation and spending strategies:


    Growing your wealth so it can support and enhance your most important life goals.


    Guarding your wealth against the catastrophic losses that could derail your plan, and jeopardize your financial comfort and peace of mind.


    Ensuring that the wealth you have worked so hard to build is there for you to meet your needs—and fund your dreams—during what may be a lengthy and active retirement.


During the accumulation stage, investors seek to maximize the growth of their capital and build the assets they need to reach their most important and meaningful life goals. Historically, the most effective method of achieving those growth objectives has been investing in the global equity markets. The additional risk inherent in global equities enables investors to pursue potential long-term returns that are far superior to the expected returns available from other asset classes, such as fixed income and cash.

Our global asset allocation strategies are designed to take advantage of the superior long-term return potential offered by equities as an asset class. Our flexible, opportunistic approach allows us to target specific investment opportunities in various segments of the equity markets that we identify through our multi-disciplined research.

We believe that this dynamic approach to capturing growth opportunities in the global financial markets can enhance investors’ ability to generate the wealth they need to reach their full range of financial goals.

Our active asset allocation strategy is available through five model portfolios. Each portfolio is constructed to pursue the maximum potential return for its designated level of risk.



  • Exposure to or direct investment in Exchange Traded Funds.
  • Active rebalancing based on Horizon’s global market outlook and corresponding strategy adjustments.

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As investors accumulate the assets they need to achieve their goals, risk mitigation capabilities can be added to protect investment capital from the possibility of short-term catastrophic losses that threaten the realization of those goals.

Advanced risk mitigation strategies can help protect portfolios from the worst short-term losses that often accompany volatile markets. This protection can enable investors to stay committed to their equity-based investment strategies that offer the best opportunities for long-term financial success. Therefore, we believe a dynamic approach to risk management that allows investors to remain on course toward their key life goals is far superior to simply increasing a portfolio’s allocation to low-growth fixed-income assets when markets are volatile.

Horizon’s award-winning risk mitigation overlay strategy—Risk Assist—helps financial advisors mitigate potential harm done to their client’s portfolio in times of heightened market volatility. Our algorithm-based risk overlay tools employ financial engineering that dynamically shifts clients out of markets as they decline and back into markets as they stabilize and rise.

  • When the stock market declines, the Risk Assist overlay strategy responds by gradually shifting portfolios toward short-duration government bonds and cash.
  • When those risk conditions have eased, portfolios are gradually shifted back toward their growth-oriented position.


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During the distribution stage of their lives, investors require a strategy that meets their need for current income while simultaneously addressing two key risks they face:

  1. Inflation’s negative impact on their purchasing power
  2. Rising life expectancies that can cause them to outlive their financial resources and lose their independence

We believe that traditional approaches to addressing these concerns—such as increasing portfolios’ allocation to fixed-income securities, high-yield stocks and other vehicles to meet current income needs—unnecessarily expose investors to inflation and longevity risks that can jeopardize their future financial comfort and flexibility.

Instead, Horizon offers a retirement income strategy—Real Spend—that is equity oriented and rooted in cutting-edge financial engineering and proven academic research. This strategic approach to retirement income and spending is designed to strike the ideal balance between the current income that investors need to fund their goals and the asset longevity they require to ensure that their portfolios survive over what is likely to be lengthy and active golden years.

Real Spend consists of three main components:

  • Spending Reserve. A three-year reserve of liquid assets for spending on current and short-term needs and goals.
  • Investments. An investment portfolio designed to generate inflation-adjusted returns sufficient to consistently replenish the withdrawals from the liquid reserve.
  • Protection. A risk mitigation component to position investment portfolios defensively and help preserve retirement capital during sudden and severe market downturns.


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We don’t need to tell you that financial markets are constantly changing, and that with those changes come new opportunities to capture and new risks to avoid.

Therefore we believe that flexible, active and globally focused investment management strategies are vital allies in your efforts to help clients grow their investment capital and maximize their ability to achieve their most important life goals.
To pursue long-term growth, we implement a multi-disciplined active investment management process that emphasizes three critical areas of analysis that drive investment returns:
Evaluating domestic and international macro (or top-down) developments. Identifying the key conditions of the current market environment and the factors that are likely to drive market returns in the near future. Analyzing the valuations, catalysts and fundamentals of global sectors, industries and individual publicly traded companies (bottom up analysis).
The evidence gathered from this disciplined, multi-faceted analysis allows us to anticipate a variety of investment environments that lead to optimal investment decision making. Our dynamic, active allocation methodology enables us to construct portfolios that offer maximum return potential for a particular level of risk.


Goals-based investment management is the foundation of successful investment outcomes that allow investors to reach their objectives.



ACTIVE INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES, implemented effectively, can add value over time relative to passive investment strategies.

EQUITIES are the most effective asset class for helping investors achieve their most important goals throughout their lives.

GLOBAL DIVERSIFICATION enables investors to pursue a broad range of investment opportunities, reduce overall portfolio volatility and enhance overall portfolio returns.

RISK MITIGATION is a superior risk management approach to diversifying with fixed income investments.

LONGEVITY and shortfall risk addressed through allocation and selection strategies designed specifically for a spending investor.



Expert Insights. Actionable Strategies. Real Results.

Horizon Investments has extensive experience building and managing entrepreneurial advisory businesses. Our experience encompasses every aspect of building, growing and managing successful financial advisory practices:

  • wealth management
  • investment management
  • client relationship management
  • client acquisition
  • marketing
  • business planning
  • technology
  • staffing
  • succession planning
We offer expert insights and actionable strategies to our advisor clients through a comprehensive suite of education, training and consulting solutions that deliver real results. Click here to view our process.In addition, our experienced advisor consulting group works with select advisory businesses, RIAs and family offices where the complexity of their investment, risk mitigation and practice management issues demands the highest level of discovery, analysis and solution development.No matter what stage you are at in building your financial advisory business, Horizon Investments brings experience, perspective, knowledge and capabilities to your investment and practice management needs.Whether you’re looking to create a great advisory business from the ground up or build on your current success and take your practice to the next level, call or email us. We welcome the opportunity to learn more about you, your clients, and your business so that we can help you achieve the success you seek—today and for decades to come.

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Seeking Better Participant Outcomes

Retirement plan participants need an investment strategy that effectively balances portfolio growth and risk management. Most traditional investment menus have a “benchmark-centric” design, and many target date strategies aren’t designed to “de-risk” from their glide path equity allocation targets, even during bear market environments. We believe that an active, risk-managed strategy may help participants stay the course in their retirement savings plans.

The Horizon Risk Assist® Series was designed to be just that strategy.

James Tavares, AIF

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Turn-key fiduciary partner with differentiated solutions

Seamless integration of retirement practice with wealth management

Plan Sponsors
Ability to work with a trusted advisor who is supported by the full capabilities of Horizon

Comprehensive, yet straightforward, investment framework

Dynamic risk-based portfolios designed to facilitate desired outcomes

Flexible investment structure to adapt to changing markets

Comprehensive investment choice for “do it yourselfers”

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