Promote financial longevity for your clients and manage their risk of running out of money in retirement.  

A retirement income strategy, rooted in financial engineering

Why Real Spend?

One of the biggest concerns for retirees has always been, “Will my retirement nest egg last long enough to support my lifestyle?” Real Spend was designed with this concern in mind.

Retirement planning — solving for the major risks in retirement

What differentiates Real Spend?

Real Spend aims to remove common behavioral investing mistakes while balancing asset preservation and growth, all in a liquid investment account that is designed to provide flexibility and peace of mind.

Distribute income to meet needs

With a multi-year spending reserve of liquid assets to support current needs and fulfill short-term goals

Automatically replenish withdrawals

With an investment portfolio constructed of not just fixed income, but also equities, to generate inflation-adjusted returns

Help preserve your client's wealth

With Risk Assist®, a systematic risk management strategy that seeks to protect the portfolio from large losses


Retirement portfolio construction, modernized

Real Spend divides the assets of a retiree’s nest egg into two buckets.

Investment portion

Spending reserve

Overcoming retirement challenges

Real Spend is engineered and managed to consistently support desired distributions for as long as investors need.

The longer people live, the longer their money has to last too. At Horizon Investments, we believe the best distribution strategy should strive to solve for today’s retirement income roadblocks, like:

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