Goals-based investing

Position your clients' wealth to help them realize their goals.

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A breakthrough goals-based investing program

Goals-Based Planning® for individuals

As a goals-based investment manager, Horizon Investments connects investment solutions with investor goals. By aligning product to the reasons your clients invest, we empower you to lead intuitive conversations about their progress as they pursue their goals.

Disrupting the paradigm

Unlike institutions with infinite investment horizons, individuals get just one lifetime to achieve their goals. Investors can’t afford to focus solely on Sharpe ratios or relative benchmark performance. Because to many investors, the only thing that counts is whether they reach their goals

Optimizing the goals-based approach

Horizon Investments offers an innovative goals-based investing program with corresponding model portfolios, platform tools, mutual funds, and ETFs. Our Gain Protect Spend® framework is designed to optimize financial planning as investment goals and risks change throughout your client’s life or investment journey.

asset allocation framework

The industry convention

Why is the traditional aggressive-to-conservative asset allocation approach not enough? Because many conventional portfolios use volatility as their only measure of risk. They can fail to account for the changing nature of the risks investors face as they move through their investment journey.

The Horizon innovation

As investors move from one stage of the wealth curve to the next, Horizon seeks to mitigate risks beyond just volatility. Risks like loss and longevity. And our goals-based portfolio construction decisions are designed to adapt to each new stage of the investment journey.

Focused on the nature of risk

Using a goals-based approach

Investor goals consist of three stages, each stage with its own prioritized objective and risk.


Seek to manage volatility, while maximizing capital growth

Grow wealth


Seek to manage drawdown risk, while continuing to grow assets

Protect wealth


Seek to minimize shortfall risk, while generating desired income

Spend wealth

Horizon Investments

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