Real Spend

a retirement income strategy rooted in modern financial engineering and academic research


One of the biggest concerns for retirees has always been, “How long will my retirement nest egg last?” Real Spend was designed with this concern in mind. It’s a portfolio strategy with allocations that are actively managed to promote longevity and mitigate the risk of running out of money in retirement.

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What Makes It Unique?

Real Spend has three major components: the investment portion, the spend reserve and risk mitigation. The assets in the retiree’s nest egg are divided into the investment portion and the spending reserve. Up to 3 years worth of spending is separated into the Spending Reserve. The remainder of the nest egg assets are used in the Investment Portion. This portion also includes Risk Mitigation that seeks to protect the Investment Portion. Gains that are captured in the Investment Portion are used to replenish the Spending Reserve.

Investment Portion for Real Spend
Spending Reserve for Real Spend
Risk Mitigation for Real Spend

Inside the Nest Egg

The Real Spend retirement income strategy is designed to remove common behavioral investing mistakes and create a balance between asset preservation and growth of wealth, all in a liquid investment account that provides flexibility and peace of mind. 


As you see, REAL SPEND®, is designed and managed to support desired distributions throughout life. 

According to the National Institute of Health, we are living healthier lifestyles today, resulting in extended lifespans. For this reason, we believe it’s paramount to have a retirement income strategy designed to address the four major retirement income roadblocks:

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Horizon Investments provides goals-based investment management strategies to financial advisors and their clients.


The Real Spend® retirement income strategy is NOT A GUARANTEE against market loss and there is no guarantee that the Real Spend® strategy chosen by an investor will lead to successful investment outcomes for the entirety of an investor’s retirement. Investing involves risk. Clients may lose money.

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