Asset preservation strategies

Disciplined risk mitigation strategies designed to protect wealth, reduce investor anxiety, and combat poor investment decision-making.

The Horizon Investments goals-based wealth curve

Financially and emotionally guide clients through each stage of their investment journey to help them achieve their most important life and legacy goals.


Seek to manage volatility, while maximizing upside growth

Grow wealth


Seek to mitigate losses and preserve wealth, while continuing to grow assets
Goal: Protect wealth

Risk: Drawdown (losses)

  • Risk Assist®
  • Options Collar
  • Managed  Volatility
  • Multi-asset Income


Seek to minimize shortfall risk, while generating desired income

Spend wealth

Protect stage

As clients move closer to achieving their financial goal, your focus shifts to protecting the wealth they’ve built. 

Horizon engineers preservation strategies designed to limit losses in a variety of market environments—up, down, or sideways

Because large losses can put your clients’ financial goals in jeopardy, help them protect their wealth from catastrophic market events while still pursuing the upside growth they need to realize those goals.

Looking for a better way to protect the wealth your clients have worked so hard to build?

Horizon preservation strategies

Risk Assist®

Manage catastrophic risk to limit large losses during market declines — and deliver a smoother investment experience in both up and down markets

Systematic de-risking to avoid large losses

Risk Assist® provides exposure to equity markets while seeking to limit losses in sharp declines. It does so using volatility forecasting to systematically shift assets from higher-risk equities into U.S. Treasury-based securities that are less sensitive to severe market corrections.

In a severe market decline, the portfolio can be substantially de-risked into U.S. Treasury Securities exposures

Systematic reinvesting to capture equity upside

Knowing when to “get back in” is an even more difficult emotional hurdle for investors to overcome. Risk Assist is designed to reinvest in equities as conditions improve, to bring the portfolio back to its original growth objective. During normal market volatility, Risk Assist reverts to the “OFF” position, keeping the portfolio fully invested with the goal of capturing equity upside. 

Other Preservation Strategies

Take a disciplined approach to wealth preservation

Diversified risk management approaches

While many investors in the Protect Stage have similar goals, market conditions may warrant the use of different risk management approaches at different times. 

Beyond Risk Assist, Horizon employs other risk mitigation strategies in the Protect Stage, such as managed volatility or an options collar overlay, that are also focused on preserving wealth, “smoothing out” returns, and improving investor discipline to reduce emotion-driven decisions. 

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