Voters trust Trump over Clinton on economy

Voters trust Trump over Clinton on economy

Excerpt from article featuring Horizon Investments’ Greg Valliere

Voters overwhelmingly think Democrat Hillary Clinton will be the next president (whether they want that or not), but when they are asked specifically who would be the better candidate to “handle the economy,” 51% say Trump and only 43% say Clinton, according to the latest CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday morning.

Clinton is fighting back to change that impression. In a fiery speech Tuesday, she lashed out at Trump, calling him “reckless” and “dangerous” for the economy. His policies would cause 3.5 million Americans to lose their jobs and send the country into a recession, Clinton said, citing a new research report from Moody’s Analytics.

“Her proposals strike me as incremental, not sweeping. She needs to have a more inspiring economic policy,” says Greg Valliere, chief strategist at Horizon Investments.

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