Q4 2016 Review – Official Release

Q4 2016 – Market Surprises Call for Intelligent Investing

2016 had no lack of unexpected developments to keep investors on their toes. Given the surprises of 2016, it’s likely that the investors will see plenty more surprises in 2017. A few areas of uncertainty that the financial markets have their eyes on include: Interest rates and the dollar, global trade and geo-political developments, policy expectations versus reality.

Avoid the adages in markets with significant uncertainty or surprises. It can be tempting to fall back on investment adages and “rules of thumb” about what to do with your money. It’s no wonder: Investment adages are often comforting because they seek to bring some order to an unpredictable world.

To learn about the market surprises of 2016 and potential surprises to keep your eyes on please view our Q4 2016 report, video and webinar available now using the three icons below.

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