Q2 2016 Quarterly Review: Weather the Market

Q2 2016

On balance, Brexit appears to share similarities with other “event driven” market downturns like the Chinese yuan-driven sell-offs of last August and again in January, or the sell-off inspired by global growth fears and Greece’s debt crisis in the fall of 2014. In these instances, investors digested the news quickly and their negative reactions were relatively short lived.

Of course, the volatility that occurred post-Brexit was unnerving. Sizable short-term declines can test any investor’s mettle. As an active global investment manager, Horizon possesses the flexibility to prepare our portfolios to help safeguard clients’ assets in advance of known events that could create downside volatility. You can review the individual sections on Gain, Protect and Spend to see how we proactively positioned our strategies leading up to the vote, and the beneficial results of those decisions.


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