‘Too Many Wildcards’ to Call Clinton, Trump Election: Valliere

‘Too Many Wildcards’ to Call Clinton, Trump Election: Valliere

Excerpt from Think Advisor article featuring Horizon Investments’ Greg Valliere

Going into the Labor Day weekend, political analyst Greg Valliere said that he’s “unwilling” to call who’ll win the presidential election as “there are too many wildcards.”

On a Friday morning webcast, Greg Valliere, chief investment strategist for Horizon Investments, said the election polls released the same day by Real Clear Politics (the only poll he watches) show that the chances that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will win “in a landslide has slipped dramatically.”

On the congressional front, Valliere said he sees “beginnings of serious dialogue on tax reform” as well as infrastructure issues in the new Congress.

But any chances of Clinton’s plans to hike taxes on the wealthy will not make in through House Speaker Paul Ryan and the Republican-controlled House.

Political uncertainty aside, “for investors, the big story is that the fundamentals look pretty darn good,” Valliere said.

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