goals-based asset management

Horizon builds goals-based asset management solutions for financial advisors. Tech-forward. Outcome-driven.

Drive outcomes across the curve

Goals-based investment management to us means optimizing portfolios as investor goals and risks evolve throughout the investment journey.


The True Value of Financial Advice

Have you been to a financial services conference lately? Then you know that the tectonic...

2020 US Election Outlook

Explore the 3 most likely 2020 election outcomes and their implications for financial markets and...

Can Bonds Still Deliver the Returns Retirement Investors Need?

Explore whether bonds can still deliver the returns retirement investors need.
For illustrative purposes only.

Grow your practice,
improve your process

Designed to connect product to planning, our intuitive advisor platform and investment software help strengthen your planning process, recommendations, and client relationships. Use it to generate investor-friendly proposals and drive meaningful conversations about your clients’ goals.

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For the Advisor

We believe strategies should align to how you plan. That's why our goals-based approach accounts for investors' life goals and helps you focus on what really matters.


For the Rep as PM

Rely on a dedicated team to help you define your investment process, organize and scale your asset management function, and grow your advisory business.


For Institutions

Harness the power of customized risk mitigation techniques, goals-based investment management frameworks, product and software development, and subadvisory services.

Goals change, our values don’t

Horizon applies leading-edge research and disruptive financial engineering to empower advisors and help achieve real-world outcomes for investors.

We’re an award-winning investment solutions provider, dedicated to making an impact on the people and communities we touch.

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Industry recognition

We are grateful to the financial advisors who choose Horizon Investments for their goals-based investing needs and to the industry at-large for the recognition we’ve received. 

Connect product to planning with the Horizon technology suite. Goals-based strategies, cutting edge software.

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