Empowering Financial Advisors in Today’s Dynamic Regulatory Environment

Serving the financial advisor is at the core of Horizon’s mission. We understand the challenges that advisors face today, especially those advisors with clients who are entering retirement. With our goals-based investment strategies – and over 20 years of experience – we are dedicated to giving the advisor the tools needed to help their clients select a strategy, stay informed and remain on track to reach their financial objectives.


  • Successfully advocate on behalf of financial advisors and their critical role in helping clients achieve their most important and meaningful financial goals.
  • Bring effective risk mitigation strategies to independent financial advisors and their clients in order to help them protect the wealth they have built.
  • Help financial advisors build elite and highly successful businesses through our expert insights, training and consulting in all major areas of practice management.
  • Deliver effective retirement income strategies that are built to address the challenges of historically low interest rates and rising life expectancies.

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