Don’t let short-term risk dominate investment strategy

Excerpt from Think Advisor article featuring Horizon Investments’ Greg Valliere

With his speech on Monday laying out an economic plan to “make America great again,” Donald J. Trump has emerged as “the pro-growth candidate” for president. So says Greg Valliere, chief strategist at global investment manager Horizon Investments and a guru on the nexus of politics and economics. Frequently seen on newscasts, Valliere’s savvy blog, Capitol Notes, is proving to be a must-read. 

In a wide-ranging interview with ThinkAdvisor, the pundit discusses what he calls “the nastiest election of our lifetime” and provides forecasts.

Nonpartisan Valliere himself may have been bitten by the nasty bug. He’s branded Trump “the mother of all uncertainties,” who “shoots off is mouth” with “crude ad-libs” and “bombastic rhetoric.”

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