Coming Soon | Charlotte, NC

We appreciate you wanting to know how we can help you and your practice. Our unique and exclusive meeting will give you expert insights and actionable strategies through comprehensive educational sessions.

Horizon believes advisory firms should stay current and ahead of the crowd by broadening their capabilities without the addition of fixed cost.  This meeting will engage advisory firms seeking to enhance the work they perform in managing assets for clients.  The landscape continues to change with global capital markets, the regulatory climate, technology, custody and many other areas of business, so why not be rewarded for all of your hard work and walk away with an understanding of the way a partnership with Horizon will equip you for the future and free yourself for maximum growth potential.

Why you need to attend

The meeting will enhance your knowledge. No matter what stage you are at in building your financial advisory business, Horizon Investments brings experience, perspective, knowledge and capabilities to your investment and practice management needs.

You will hear from our leadership team. Horizon Investments has an extensive team with experience building and managing entrepreneurial advisory businesses. We will share our insights and knowledge of building, growing and managing successful financial advisory practices in today’s world.

What to know